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Radioweb iRadio PlayerInternet Radio from anywhere on the planet, at your fingertips!

RadioWeb has designed a secure web portal service that easily connects High End Hotel, Retirement Community, Time Share and other guests/residents with the property owner/operator 24x7 AND the entire world of web content without plugging in a PC. All in the award winning design of our Noxon clock radio players! So while the guest is listening to news, sports, weather from home, that same service provides private, interactive messaging tool for the property manager and the consumer. Now the property owner is connected one on one with that guest/resident!

High-End property owners in hoteling, casino & gaming, retirement community living and similar operations survive and prosper based solely on two variables: occupancy rates, and revenue yield from each resident or guest. (Revenue per available room / REVPAR) Every day these organizations face two simple challenges – sell more rooms and yield more cash from each consumer in the property. All aspects of customer service, product offerings, culture etc. all attach to that purpose.

Occupancy rates are on the rise, while capacity has increased. As the hospitality industry economy recovers, our clients must turn to increasingly creative ways to attract and hold customers, while not sacrificing profitability.

Among other things over the last decade, these organizations have invested considerable sums in infrastructure development. Business travelers represent the largest consumer segment for our prospects in this space. Attracting consumers has required huge investments in infrastructure, amenities and service. The competitive bar is being raised every day.

Failure to meet “bottom line” occupancy rates, and minimum revenue yields, given enormous fixed costs = financial ruin.

The player, or delivery appliance, Noxon radio is a state of the art, Internet audio device, available in 3 model types. The supporting host software and RadioWeb 24/7/365 service has been designed to make easy one touch access to Internet content exciting for the user, while providing the platform for one to one interaction between host and guest.

Deployment of the full RadioWeb service is no more expensive than routine room enhancements, and fees for custom-made content delivery, tiny compared to revenue driven from the result.

Over four years in development, testing and redesign for very discriminating clients, RadioWeb has found a way to attract more guests to top drawer properties, and engage with those visitors or residents in ways unimaginable yesterday.




RadioWeb v3 RadioWeb v3 RadioWeb v3
RadioWeb v3 RadioWeb v3
RadioWeb v3 RadioWeb v3